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There can be several reasons to have a web site and only one - not to. That one is of obvious financial character.

Before you decide to go with a web site, make sure you have a budget for it.


So why would anyone need a web site?

Here is a list of possible reasons in the order of significance:

Other reasons can be:

The higher on the list above your reasons are the more you would be paying and the more you can get in return.



Depending on the type of your business, its size and targeted audience you might need one of these:


This is an affordable online version of your business card and online brochure.
Your benefits are:

Suits: small legal and accounting firms, conveyancing, etc. Indication of costs: $500+, annual maintenance $450+


Additional benefits are:

We will employ powerful Internet marketing (Australia) strategy to promote your web site. Suits: hardware shop, travel agency, etc. Indication of costs: 1500+, annual maintenance $500+


This type of web site works really well if brands and characteristics of products are well known or easy to explain. We believe in great commercial value - if the price is attractive and active Internet marketing (Australia) strategy is implemented.

Suits retailers: stationary suppliers, perfume, books, CDs, DVDs
Indication of costs: $2500+, annual maintenance $1000+

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